Acne Recipe How To Ensure Zits And Low SelfEsteem

Have you ever wondered how to get acne? Hold on because what I'm about to tell you will knock your socks off. Studies will soon prove that it's possible to grow your own pimples. Just follow these tips, and getting acne is as easy as making instant coffee. ANTIOBIOTICS Thanks to modern medicine getting acne has never been this easy. What earlier used to take weeks or months of hard work can be now achieved in a week.

Complex tasks, such as, weakening the immune system are now only few pills away. Antibiotics also do a great job in damaging the liver. The liver and the immune system are the biggest obstacles in achieving acne. So make sure that antibiotics are on top of your to do list. We shouldn't let antibiotics take all the glory. Practically all prescription drugs can be called to help in your quest for pimples and reduced self-esteem.

DIET Despite the wonders of modern medical science we should not forget the tried and tested methods. Diet is one of your best weapons against good health and clear skin. Unlike antibiotics it doesn't require any prescriptions. Diet is also cheap to implement, and you can do it at the comfort of your own home. Here are few important points to keep in mind.

Make sure that you have plenty of meat, white flour products, refined sugar and dairy in your shopping list. Meat for zits! Meat (the redder the better) is hardly ever completely digested and produces a solid amount of toxic chemicals in the gut. Meat also makes your body more acidic. Acidic body and toxins are just what the doctor ordered for a growing population of acne-causing bacteria. So make sure you don't miss on meat! There's really nothing like sugar to push those pimples out.

Luckily for you soft drinks are available everywhere. So try to have few cans a day. The acne-causing bacteria love sugar. Sugar is quickly turned to ethanol. Ethanol helps to damage the liver and weaken the immune system.

It also wipes out the friendly bacteria that stand in the way of your acne. Bread, pasta, cakes, etc. slow bowel transit times. In other words they keep the food longer in the gut. This means that the bacteria have more time to produce acne-causing toxins.

White flour products are also devoid of practically any nutrients that might clear up your skin. Dairy products are the third dietary weapon against clear skin. Try to use commercial dairy products. They come loaded with hormones and antibiotics that have been fed to dairy cows.

I'm sure you remember how important antibiotics are in creating acne - so why no get the double whammy benefit of taking them along with dairy. Dairy is especially acid forming and the acne-causing bacteria love acidic environment. Another benefit of dairy is that it's practically impossible to digest after it has been pasteurised and homogenised. It means that it not only putrefies inside you, but it also disturbs digestion of other foods. Can't argue with that - so make sure you get your own milk mustache. In addition to eating certain 'super foods' there are also other things you can do help your acne.

One of them is to eat all types of food at the same meal. If you eat only simple combinations the food might actually digest. Good digestion = clear skin, and that's not what we want. So it's better to make sure that things don't digest properly. Here the rule is the more the merrier.

Eating late ensures that you have food in your stomach when you go to sleep. Normally during sleep your body would detoxify and clear up the day's mess. This is no good as it actually prevents acne. Eat late at night and you actually create new toxins during the night and never give your body time to recover. Talking about another bull's eye, pimple pushing power tip. Plus you get the additional benefit of not being able to sleep properly and wake up tired the next morning.

Acne enthusiastics; hold on to your hats and listen to this. McDonals has created a perfect diet solution for you. It's fast, cheap and practically devoid of any useful nutrients. Served in perfect acne-inducing combination. Let's all give a big hand to McDonals. OTHER TIPS Here are few other things you can do to nail down beautiful, pimple covered face and watch your self-esteem fall apart like a shaky card house.

Acne lover stress. Stress prevents digestion and messes up sebum production. As you know more sebum = more beautiful, red pimples. So don't go light on stress. Don't sleep for more than 6 hours a day. During sleep your body actually recovers and does the maintenance chores.

Those things are like poison for acne. So sleep as little as possible, and if you have to sleep, try to eat late to minimise the damage. Don't fall into the folly of physical exercise. Exercise strengthens your immune system, oxidises blood stream (oxygen is poison for acne-causing bacteria), fights off stress and generally makes you feel better. I'm sure you can see how that might prevent acne. Moral of the story? Park your butt on the sofa and keep it there.

OK, so let's put it all together now. The formula for a skin full of beautiful, red and white pimples is Antibiotics + proper diet + plenty of stress + max 6 hours of sleep day + no physical exercise = acne, poor health and lack of energy IN CONCLUSION OK, let's cut the jokes. Pull up a chair and hear me out. There is actually point to this.

Health (or disease) is a result of choice and action, not luck or genes. Surely genes play a part in everything. But the fact is that you can cure acne. Like there is a recipe for acne, you'll notice that there is also a recipe for clear, radiant skin. The only thing you have to do is to follow it.

Just remember that acne and clear skin are results of conscious choices and actions, not luck or genes. So the question really is, are you ready to make that choice?.

Seppo Puusa is the author of Natural Acne Solution: How to Break FREE from Acne and Reclaim Your Life in 10 Days. Get your free copy here:

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