Alpha Lipoic AcidThe Super Antioxidant

Alpha Lipoic Acid is considered the "super warrior in the fight against free radical damage in the human body. Free radicals are those destructive chemicals that come from cell metabolism and have the ability to cause cellular damage to a degree that results in any number of diseases including cancer. Their nemisis? Antioxidants! Antioxidants neutralize free radicals by donating and an electron to the oxidizing agent. These free radicals contribute to a host of physical issues associated with aging such as skin wrinkling, vision impairment, joint issues, and diseases ranging from arthritis to cancer to atherosclerosis. The damage that free radicals inflict on the body causes inflammation which leads to virtually all diseases as stated in an issue of Time Magazine in February, 2005 (cover titled The Secret Killer, The surprising link between INFLAMMATION and HEART ATTACKS, CANCER, ALZHEIMER'S and other diseases).

Because of it's fat and water soluable properties it is able to penetrate all cellular regions in the human body. This is made possible because it is both fat and water soluble. This sulfur containing, vitamin like phyto-nutrient is packs much more firepower that your average antioxidant due to its easy absorption throughout the entire body. Supplementing or consuming nutritional products containing Alpha Lipoic Acid has shown to contribute to reducing bodyfat as well as building lean muscle mass. When taken on a daily basis it also protects the brain from free radical damage and reduces the chances of Parkinson's and Alzheimer's diseases, strokes, and dementia.

There are numerous antiaging and wellness benefits derived from this super antioxidant. Unfortunately Alpha Lipoic Acid, necessary for energy production at the cellular level, is produced in limited supply in the body. It is, therefore, necessary to consume foods that or nutritional products that contain this substance for that powerful antioxidant punch. The consumed version is what is believed to form the protective barrier to all things resulting from free radical damage.

Be careful when purchasing this nutritional supplement as quality doesn't transcend all product companies. In the web of choices in the marketplace it is difficult to distinguish weak products from the superior ones. The prices are comparable but the quality isn't.

Look for a comprehensive product, nutritional drink, nutritional supplement or herb that combines nutrients that work in conjunction with Alpha Lipoic Acid.

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