High School Wrestling with Breasts on a Man

My life was really going along quite well. I was active in high school and rather popular with both the guys and girls. My grades were good and I enjoyed being on several sports teams that included football and wrestling. This all started to change whenever I hit about the age of 16, however, when I started to grow a set of man boobs. I knew that my problem was not a result of my being fat as I was always very active and kept myself in good shape.

In fact, I was probably in better shape than most people my age and was regularly at the gym lifting weights and got plenty of cardiovascular exercise from being on the track and field team. They really threw me for a loop because I just was not expecting them to be there. At first, it started out with a little bit of nipple sensitivity which my doctor told me was perfectly normal.

As they started to grow, however, it became a cause of serious concern. At first, I was able to hide them underneath some baggy shirts but the real problem started because they continue to grow even larger. I went to my doctor to find out what was going on and was told that I was suffering from a problem called gynecomastia.

It seems that the estrogen levels in my body were higher for some reason or another and it was causing me to grow man boobs. I know that the doctor told me that it would go away within a year or two but that didn't do me much good as wrestling season was coming up. During football season, I was able to hide the fact that I was growing breast underneath the pads and bulky uniforms that we wore. Whenever it came time for wrestling, however, I knew that I would no longer be able to hide them at all.

The first time that people really began to notice that I was growing breast it was extremely embarrassing. It didn't help much that my friends were not all that supportive and really joined in with everybody else that was making fun of me. I was determined, however, that I was not going to allow my problem to stop me from continuing on in my pursuit of high school sports. Wrestling was probably the most difficult sport ever when it comes to having this particular problem. The reason is that it is such a close contact sport. When my opponent would see my man boobs it would cause me to really lose confidence and I started losing matches that I never would've lost before.

I turned this around to my advantage, however, as I started to realize that these guys were just thrown off by the situation as I was. So if you have this condition and you are struggling to maintain your composure as an athlete in high school then take heart. It only last for a couple of years and your doctor can do something to reduce the size and effects.

Until I completely goes away, however, make the most of your years in high school and continue to compete. Don't allow two years of your life to spoil the remaining 50 or so.

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