Home Treatment For Acne Cure and Home Remedies

If you suffer from acne breakouts, then you know how difficult it can be to find acne home treatments. You can spend literally thousands of dollars on acne home treatments that simply do not work. However, those that work, work well. Here are some of the best acne home treatments.

Washing The Affected Area While acne is not caused by dirty skin, it can be aggravated by grease in the skin. So an affective home treatment of acne is cleansing your skin. ProActive seems to be an affective acne cleanser for those who have little success in treating their acne. You should was the effective area twice a day, but avoid harshly scrubbing, as this can irritate the condition.

Make sure that your products are water based. Do not use cleansers that have oil in them. Use the product according to package directions for the best result. Do Not Pick! One of the worst things you can do in acne home treatment is pick and pop your pimples.

Picking can make acne worse, not better. Not only that, but your fingernails are dirty! You can easily get an infection from picking your pimples. And if you are concerned about appearance of your skin, keep in mind that picking pimples can cause acne scars, leaving your appearance permanently scarred.

Good Non Prescription Creams To Use Another part of acne home treatment is over the counter creams that you put on your acne blemishes. This is the best acne home treatment to take away existing blemishes. Benzyl peroxide, which is present in products such as Clearasil, works well to unclog clogged pores, causing the pimple to shrink.

Alpha-hydroxy acid not only dries up the blemish, but also causes the top layer of skin over the blemish to peel off, leading to faster healing. Many cleansers have alpha-hydroxy acid in them. Salicylic acid, which is also present in Clearasil and also in Stri-Dex products, works in the same way as alpha-hydroxy acid.

For a more natural home treatment for acne, consider tea tree oil. Tea tree oil kills bacteria, which can cause acne. There are many over the counter gels, oils, and creams you can buy, which contain tea tree oil.

Health food stores have pure tea tree oil you can use on your acne. No matter what acne home treatment you find works best for you, make sure your follow the instructions on the package to the letter. If you overuse the acne care products, you can actually irritate your skin, making the acne worse. It is very important to follow directions carefully!.

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