How Long Does Acne Red Marks Stay The Eternal Question

The fact that pimples are an indispensable part for the teenager and the adult years has been accepted, though grudgingly. But what is unacceptable and literally non-erasable are the hideous marks they leave behind. So the first question that comes to the mind once one gets the zits is how long does acne red marks stay? Statistics show that around 25% of all people who have had acne will suffer from the spots and scars left behind by the pimples.The figure stands at an amazing 20 million Americans who will be afflicted by the pimple caused scars. The red marks that are caused by acne are often than not a result of the infection and curing progression.

However, the length of time they will stay and when they will disappear is a question that even doctors would hesitate to answer, simply because they do not know. The Mystery behind Acne scar How long an acne scar will stay on your face is largely determined by two main factors. Firstly it depends on how severe your acne really is, as the scars from severe acne refuse to go as easily as a scar from mild acne.

The second reason that decides on how long the acne scar will stay is the healing process of your body. The faster your body is able to recover and heal itself the faster the marks will vanish. Though the red marks usually last from anything between four and twelve weeks the exact period depends on these factors. Though pimple scars are inevitable they can be controlled if you follow a few steps. Instead of starting the treatment after the scars have occurred you should start as soon as the pimples appear.

The best way for taking care of the scars are home remedies, and remember that these are more useful as they will help remove the scars, will help your skin otherwise and also does not have any side effects. However, if the scar left by your pimples is already untreatable, you still need not worry, for modern scientific progression has devised many ways to counter them. A dermatological surgery should be the answer to all your problems, which can be done on the surface of the skin or surgically needing incision. The different treatment methods are Dermabrasion, Autologous fat transfer, Skin grafting, treatment of Keloids, Microdermabrasion, Skin surgery, Collagen injection or Laser treatment. Finally, before deciding on any treatment methods do make sure you consult your dermatologist. If your skin is scar prone, these treatments may end up causing bad than any good.

Other things that you should keep in mind while taking your decision is the amount of expenditure you are ready to sponsor for your treatment and your skin type, the best person to do that with is naturally your doctor.

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