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You're sweating, your heart rate is up, and you feel like you cannot get your breath. You are having a panic attack. Speculation is that many people suffer from this affliction and do not know what it is. It can progress to the point that you become agoraphobic. Agoraphobia causes you to never want to leave your home.

So in order to keep it from progressing that far, you need to seek treatment right away. The following tips may help to stop a panic attack before it gets the upper hand. 1) One tip that is recommended by doctors for helping to overcome a panic attack is to breathe into a paper bag. Make sure you cover your mouth and nose and breathe into the bag until you start to feel the panic subsiding. 2) Another way of stopping the panic attack before it happens is by hyperventilating.

If you do this on purpose, it puts all your thoughts into what you are doing and stops the attack from taking center stage. 3) When you feel the attack coming on, try other modes of behavior to stop it. Think of a funny thing that happened to you. Try singing a song or reciting a poem that you like.

Using something to take your mind off the attack and onto something else may stop it before it gets started. 4) If you know there are circumstances that cause your panic attacks, try to control the circumstances. For instance, if you notice that you start to feel anxiety and feel panicky when you have to do a certain thing, then the attack is probably triggered by anxiety. If at all possible, avoid the person or the thing that causes you this anxiety. 5) Physical conditions can cause panic attacks. Diabetes, puberty, high blood pressure, and poor nutritional diets can all cause panic attacks.

Not only can they cause them but a panic attack can trigger a physical problem such as a heart attack or stroke. So make sure you have a physical and talk to your doctor about any problems you are having. 6) Cognitive behavior therapy is a way of overcoming anxiety attacks. Focusing on changing the way you think about things and understanding why you think this way is the first step in this psychotherapy. This treatment is based on learning why you have the thoughts you have and controlling the panic and feelings of impending doom. 7) Exposure to anything that causes your panic attacks is one way of combating this attack.

By intentionally exposing yourself to the situation, you learn that it is not to be feared or dreaded. If you take steps to understand what is happening to you and realize there is help available, that is the most important step in ridding yourself of panic attacks. Seek help, so you don't have to do it alone.

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