Pure Water Systems for Home use are Increasing in Popularity

Let's face it, we are hearing more and more information on how unsafe our drinking water has become. Pure water systems for home use are increasing in popularity every day. One concern that many homeowners encounter is which pure water system to install because there are quite a few on the market.

The safest and probably most popular filtration system is a carbon filter system. You want to make sure that all the harmful chemicals have been removed from the water. In addition, any bacteria in the water should be removed as well. Certain pure water systems do not remove all the chemicals from the water. A reverse osmosis system will not remove all the harmful chemicals and in fact, it will remove the essential minerals from the water.

Therefore, this is not the best type of filtering system to use at home. Carbon filtering systems come in various sizes for home use. There is a small style that is easily attached to a faucet or you can also purchase a whole house pure water system that is attached directly to access point where the water enters your home. A carbon filtering system will not block essential minerals, as a reverse osmosis system will. If you do decide on a carbon filter system for your home pure water system, then make sure you clean it on a regular basis because mold can form due to the dampness.

They will also become clogged if not cleaned properly. Since our water supply has steadily deteriorated over the last few decades, there has been a need for new and improved home pure water systems. One of those new systems is the use of magnetic fields that purify water by rearranging ions in the water. One drawback to this particular method is that the change in ionization is temporary so the water does need to be drank quickly. Another new development in pure water systems is the use of infrared rays to purify water. The infrared rays give the water ions a negative charge and that changes the actual structure of the water that makes it safe to drink.

These types of systems are used more in industrial settings than for home use. Many people feel that bottled water is an excellent pure water system. However, this is not always the case because the regulations for bottled water are not as strict as what they should be, in some cases you are getting tap water sold as bottled water. As you can see, home pure water systems are becoming more prevalent in today's society.

A good filtration system will remove the harmful chemicals and bacteria while leaving the essential minerals in the water.

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